Welcome to the Don’t Say, “I Can’t” Project. Please click on the Tab in the menu above, titled, The Project. This will explain WHY I’m doing this. It also will explain my Snickers Bar Rule, which many of my former players and parents are familiar with.

If you have a daughter, sister, niece, gran daughter, female student-athletes, female students who need some self-confidence, inspiration and motivation, this is the place to send them. That’s the short story of why I’m doing this.

The second-most important aspect of this Project is that I want every young lady in every junior high school and high school in the world to become a FREE subscriber to the site. When you go to the site, a pop-up window will appear to capture your email address. I WILL NOT SELL anyone’s information. I want to keep the site FREE, and I want to reach 10,000 FREE subscribers by June 1. I know it sounds counterintuitive to seek FREE subscribers in order to keep the site FREE, but I have my own, Don’t Say I Can’t project that I’ll reveal when the time is right. That’s a secret that fuels my passion for this Project.

The first Blog post will go up shortly after Easter. Everyone who signs up for FREE, and everyone who follows me on Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. will be notified when that happens. When you read Amanda Weaver’s story of perseverance and grit, you’ll begin to understand The Project.

In the meantime, please read The Project, roam around the site that my web guru Dean Novosat redesigned for me, and, Sign up as a FREE subscriber. By all means, if you have questions or comments, my contact information is all over the site.