Dave's Bio

About Coach Salter

This is the place where most people tell you about what they do for a living. I’ll get to that, and I’ll try to keep that part of this as brief as I can. I want to share with you the important stuff first.

I am a husband to an extraordinary woman who is amazing in many ways, but for the purposes of this space, she’s been an incredible role model for our three daughters. I’m not surprised by anything that our daughters accomplish because they’ve had an unfair advantage…they’ve woken up every day for 27 years with the best role model ever, sleeping in a room down the hall from them. Our three daughters are my life’s greatest blessing. I can’t imagine my life without the three of them. After our third daughter was born, my mother kept telling me that we had to try to have another baby so that we could have a son. For one of the very few times in my life, I didn’t listen to my Mom. I can’t imagine having a richer, fuller life than I have with my three girls.

I’ve been coaching girls’ sports for 22 years. I’ve had to come to grips with the realization that it is one of my top five favorite things in life to do. For me it’s about a lot more than the actual sport that I’m coaching. It’s about life. I don’t know how to explain that any better than a short story.

Two years ago, my wife and I were invited to a wedding of a former player, who also was school friends with my middle daughter since kindergarten. But I had not coached the young lady since 6th grade – about twelve years. Even though we were friendly with the family, we lost touch…just life. So, I was surprised that my wife and I received the wedding invitation. I just thought our daughter would get an invite.

At the reception, I had an opportunity to comment to the mother of the bride that my wife and I were pleasantly surprised to receive the invitation to the big day. She looked at me and said, “you have been a very significant person in her life.” I thanked her for her kind words, and I thought to myself, “I’m just a basketball coach.”

When I’m Not Coaching…

I’ve been an award-winning writer of advertisements and advertising campaigns, a public relations administrator in higher education, and a consultant with an international crisis management organization.

In the wee hours of the morning, I’ve published six books, and my short story, “Home,” is published in the coffee table anthology, Accidental Magic (Bard Press, 2001). I once wrote a newspaper column for 7 years, specifically about girls and women in sports, that earned national recognition from the Women’s Sports Foundation.

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