Dave Salter, Author, Keynote Speaker, Coach

David F. Salter speaking at Penn State

“His speech was captivating, full of real-life experiences, and it was just the right length of time. Dave is a really patient and flexible individual to work with…I highly recommend working with him to any organization.”

Natalie Frund, VP of Programming, The Pennsylvania State University Panhellenic

I’ve spoken in a variety of venues and to a variety of audiences, from university campuses to corporate conference rooms, and from high school assemblies to athletic teams. My goal each time, regardless of the audience, is to leave behind concrete actionable ideas so that once I leave the building, the audience can take some practical advice and wisdom and apply it to their own circumstances.

I’ve been described by audience members as “down-to-earth,” “passionate,” “engaging,” and “honest.”

My focus for colleges primarily is the Greek community where I offer presentations about substance use/abuse: Don’t Waste Your Gift (alcohol) and I Can Still Smoke Pot, Right?; Don’t Say I Can’t is a presentation primarily for sorority groups.

For the high school market, I also offer the substance use/abuse talks mentioned above as well as Don’t Say, “I Can’t,” which is modeled after the theme of this site.

For Athletic teams, both collegiate and high school, I offer the three-part EXCEL-erator program designed to discuss substance use/abuse; leadership (Leadership Begins With An ‘A’) and teamwork (“Selfish People Stink”).

Check out my highlight videos below, and my contact information is all over this site if you’d like to book me to come in to speak to your group.

My highlight videos of some recent college speaking engagements.

Contact Dave: (717) 309-2554: dfsalter81@icloud.com


David F. Salter Speaking

“Immediately following Mr. Salter’s presentation, one staff member sent the following email: “Thank you, thank you, thank you for inviting such a great speaker to the school. Thank you for looking out for the best interests of the students.”
In addition to his message to our students, we wanted him to record a message that we could send out to parents in the district. Dave thought this was a great idea, and he was more than willing to work with us to accomplish this request.”

Sabrina Lindsay
Cumberland Valley School District

“Dave spoke to our Ballyhoo girls’ basketball academy as part of our character development module. Dave hit topics that all kids struggle with today: adversity, goal setting and hitting those goals. I would recommend Dave as a speaker to all ages on life lesson opportunities…Thanks, Dave!”

Kevin Bankos, president of Ballyhoo Sports Academy