Do Your Marketing Communications Produce Rock Star Customers?

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One critical challenge of marketing communications is making certain that each strategy compliments the other so that there’s synergy between each piece, a unified direction.

Is your email campaign generating the kinds of leads you seek? Is your direct mail piece generating the quality customers you’d hoped for? Is there a disconnect between your emails, your website, and your direct mail piece? Should you have a blog or e-newsletter?

More importantly, what kind of customers are you creating? Are your emails and direct mail pieces conditioning your customers to wait for the next SALE? Or, are you attracting consumers who love your company, love your product(s) and will be forever loyal to your brand?

Equally significant…. How do you distinguish your company from your competitors? How do you stand out from the crowd?

I’m an award-winning storyteller who helps companies and organizations remodel their direct response communications in order to enhance their brand and increase revenue. I have an uncanny ability to tap into the core emotions of your primary prospects. Thirty years as a journalist makes me fearless in the face of deadlines.

I know that I can help you improve your brand, enhance your customers’ experience and increase revenue, because I’ve done it numerous times before. To put my money where my mouth is, I’m offering to you a FREE 30-minute Discovery, that will allow me to provide to you an evaluation of what I’ve learned by examining your external communications efforts. After our conversation, you are obligated in no way to work with me, but I believe you will.

If your emails are ineffective, your direct mail lacking or your blog is blah, let me help you achieve your goals.



P.S. Don’t forget to contact me today to schedule your FREE 30-minute Discovery.

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