I was pretty excited about the story I began in December about John’s Crazy Socks,  an incredible business between a father and son, the son who has Down Syndrome.  I posted the first half of the story in late December, and then something happened that I didn’t plan on.

At practice with my freshmen girls’ basketball team on December 28, I had a bad, accidental fall. Serious fracture in my hip, and had to have emergency surgery that evening. It’s taken me a while to get my mojo back. Even though I am still under doctor’s orders that I can’t put any weight on the surgically repaired leg, nor can a drive a vehicle, I am able to get back to many of my non-weight bearing activities.

In addition to my surgery, my webmaster and I also encountered some significant technology problems as my site was upgraded with a new operating system. It appears that we’ve been able to get everything squared away.

So, since I usually post on Wednesday’s, tomorrow we’ll post Part 2 of John’s Crazy Socks, and we’ll move on from there. Thanks for following along.