{When I interview someone for a project, there’s usually pages of notes, and not all of the important information can fit into an article or a blog post. So, on the third Wednesday of every month, I’ll present to you Bulletin Board Material, which will be a short thought from that month’s interview that you can print out, tape on your mirror or refrigerator or your school locker to remind you of the important stuff.}

“Even if you don’t see it now, things will get better. There are some good days and some bad days, and the good days cancel out the bad days. I guess as long as you keep getting up and doing what you do, eventually it will pay off. That’s basically what I’ve done. Whatever you’re doing, keep getting up and doing that, you’ll see some success.

I read this one thing…even if you fall face first on the ground, you’re still moving forward.”

–Kayla Brown