Dave Salter

Final Four Leadership Book by David Salter

Author, Keynote Speaker, Coach

Dave has spoken in a variety of venues, from university campuses to corporate conference rooms, and from high school assemblies to athletic teams. His goal each time, regardless of the audience, is to leave behind concrete, actionable ideas so that once he’s left the building, the audience can take his practical advice and wisdom and utilize it to perform at a higher level in their daily endeavors.

Described by audience members as “down-to-earth,” “passionate,” “engaging,” and “honest,” Salter addresses corporations, conferences and organizations on topics like “Selfish People Stink,” (his teamwork talk), and “Leadership Begins With an ‘A’.”
With his younger audiences, particularly college sororities and high school groups, Salter shares his “Don’t Waste Your Gift,” and “Don’t Say I Can’t,” presentations.

Download the one-sheet for “Selfish People Stink.”

Download the one-sheet for“Don’t Waste Your Gift.”

My highlight videos of some recent college speaking engagements.


Contact Dave: (717) 309-2554; dfsalter@comcast.net



The author of five books, Salter is also an award-winning writer with a diverse background. He’s been nationally recognized for his newspaper column as well as his advertising campaigns. He’s written just about everything, from magazine articles to corporate newsletters to university viewbooks. Dave can help you solve your writing challenges, and he enjoys a collaborative approach to completing those projects.


Dave possesses an uncanny ability to discover the unique story that makes a university, a company or an organization special, and that which separates it from its competitors. He will help you uncover your brand, and he will design a strategy to inform the universe about what makes you different from everyone else in the herd.