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Why I Don’t Post Political Thoughts on Social Media

My wife awoke at 5:30 this morning to the news she had been dreading for at least a month. Our former neighbor passed away last night. Now, to some, that might not be a big deal. That’s understandable. But there’s a lot more to the story.
When we moved to York in 1994, we didn’t know anyone, and there was a lady living next door to us, and she was alone, except for the many dogs she rescued over our years there. She loved her dogs. She was in her 60’s, but she was feisty, funny, and, my parents generation would’ve said – high-spirited.
Because my wife is who she is, we started watching out for Florine. She had no family in the area, and a small friend group – one of the dilemmas of getting older – you start losing your peers. If Florine didn’t have a place to go for a holiday meal, Diane would invite her to our house. If Florine looked lonely, Diane would invite her to the kid’s play at school or something similar.
I’m still not sure if we adopted Florine, or if Florine adopted us.
Fourteen years ago we moved about 1.5 miles from Florine because we outgrew the little house we had lived in for 8 years. But Diane stayed in touch with Florine.
About four years ago, Florine, now in her 80s, had to sell her home and move into an assisted living facility. She just couldn’t take care of her home and her dogs and herself on her own anymore. Diane continued to visit when her schedule permitted.
About two years ago, just before Altzheimer’s struck, Florine and Diane figured out that Florine’s friend, who was her power of attorney, was taking her money.
Florine asked Diane if Diane would be her power of attorney.
So for the past two years, Diane has been figuring out medical bills, insurance company hassles, monitoring bank accounts and paying an occasional bill for Florine. For a woman who works at least 50 hours a week, is an awesome Mom to our three daughters and just last year completed her Master’s degree, she really didn’t have the time.
When Florine asked Diane to be her power of attorney, Diane never asked Florine which church she attended, what political party she was affiliated with, if she believed in global warming or in making America great again. She never asked Florine what was in it for her. What was she going to get out of it.
She just did it…partly because she’s an extraordinary person, partly because that’s how she was raised, and partly, quite simply, because that’s what we’re supposed to do.
So, to me, if all of us in this country can’t do what Diane did…be a better spouse, be a better parent, a better neighbor, a better co-worker, it really doesn’t matter who is sitting in the Oval Office in late January.

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