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Dear Daughter, I Forgot Some Things

An audio book by David F. Salter

Your daughter’s just turned 13 and, in her eyes, you’ve become as smart as a box of hammers.
Talking to your teenage daughter can raise more emotions than helping your wife select draperies for the guest bathroom. But it’s got to be done.

A recent study shows nearly half of teenagers have had intercourse before age 18. An estimated 10 million girls and women in America suffer from an eating disorder.

In a series of letters to his teenage daughter, Salter discusses a number of critical thoughts that fathers need to share with their teenage girls.

This is not a ‘how-to’ primer from a child psychologist. It’s a candid conversation from a regular Dad who wakes up every morning with three girls fighting for the bathroom, the hair dryer and the “good” hairbrush.

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Dave’s new book

I have a new book coming out in September! Stay tuned for details…

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